Some pretty common life events can impact your existing will, by either voiding parts of it or the whole thing completely! Here are some:

1. When you marry, or remarry – this completely voids your will and you will require a new one.

2. In Queensland, a divorce voids sections of your will which relate to your former spouse, including:

(a) any benefit for your former spouse made by a will in existence at the time of your divorce.
(b) an appointment of your former spouse as an executor, trustee, advisory trustee or guardian made by the will.
(c) any grant of a power of appointment exercisable by, or in favour of, your former spouse.

3. When you make a new will, you fully revoke (make null and void) your previous will.

4. When a Court challenge is made which proves:

  • The will was forged or fraudulently obtained; or
  • That the willmaker was incompetent (eg. insanity, senility, dementia, substance abuse) or;
  • That the will maker was unduly influenced; or
  • That there is a more recent will.

5. If your will gets destroyed (burnt, torn up etc.).

Do you fit into any of the above? Make sure you have a valid will – contact Sempre Vero Lawyers to have a new one drawn up.


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