In his bestselling book “The Barefoot Investor”, Scott Pape says:

Make sure you cough up and get good legal advice before you sign anything. An experienced conveyancer is worth their weight in gold (Page 129).

Like in most industries, there is no shortage of cut-price Conveyancers seeking to lure clients in with an unmatchable dollar amount, but the risk you take by cutting corners can be the mess (not to mention additional cost) you’re left with if your conveyance takes a tricky or unexpected turn – which, often they do.

What we don’t charge extra for:

• The no. 1 thing we advise our clients to do is send us a copy of the contract BEFORE you sign! We believe this to be so crucial, we provide this service to our clients with no additional charge.
• A qualified solicitor works on your conveyance – being a small, boutique firm, clients benefit from our solicitors working directly on their conveyance.
• Our clients have direct phone or email access to us – many law firms who offer cheap conveyancing force clients to make contact only by email or leaving phone messages, with lengthy delays in reply.

Here’s what we do charge for:

• Our time (aka. professional fees) – this is a flat rate which covers the time & care taken to do the things that are required for a successful settlement. This includes making phone calls, emails & faxes, reviewing paperwork, writing special conditions, negotiating with other solicitors, communicating with financiers & banks, organising cheques and more (read more about what we do).
• Searches – there are mandatory searches that need to be undertaken when buying a property & there are other searches you may elect to do which we can advise you on. We only pass on to our clients what they cost us. Find out more about searches here.
• Settlement agent – this is a specialised agent who attends the settlement & ensures the correct documents & cheques are exchanged.

We have wrapped our prices into neat packages – call us on 07 5576 6009 or get a quote online.

In the words of our previous clients…

I cannot express how much work went into the purchase of our property.  Carissa really went above and beyond.  We felt extremely confident even when the seller had not completed their paperwork which could’ve resulted in our settlement being cancelled.  Thank you Carissa for your persistence and expertise through the process. – Venessa S.

This was undoubtedly our best experience ever. Considering the complications that incurred during both the selling and buying of our properties, I expected to have a whopping bill, and you charged us nothing extra! We are so happy with you, we’ll try to find something else to do that requires your services! God Bless! – Marsha & Tony W.


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