Separation is when you and your spouse or partner cease living together on a “genuine domestic basis”, which incorporates some or all of the following:

  • You no longer share the same food from the same pot
  • You no longer wash your clothes together
  • You no longer share other domestic duties
  • You no longer share Bank Accounts
  • Your children, parents and friends have been made aware that you are no longer a “couple” and no longer treat you as such
  • You no longer sleep together, or in the same bed
  • You no longer live at the same residence
  • You are clearly leading separate lives

Things to note:

  • You can be separated, but remain living under the “same roof”
  • Your spouse or partner does not have to agree the separation, but you must inform them of your election to separate


After separation, you can do a Family Law property settlement and you may need to sort out arrangements for your children.

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