Building & Pest: 5 Things To Know

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If you are buying residential property in Queensland, and your contract is subject to you completing building and/or pest inspections on the property, here are some things you need to be aware of: You need to organise your inspections promptly. In QLD, ‘time is of the essence’ meaning the deadlines that are in the [...]

Can you change a name on a signed property contract in QLD?

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Short answer…no – only under certain circumstances. When you may be able to amend a name… In QLD once a property contract is fully executed by the buyer/seller and dated, the name of the parties cannot be changed. It may be possible for minor changes be made such as: Correcting misspelled names: Name spelling must be [...]

Why You Should Get Your Contract Checked By A Solicitor

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A contract is a legally binding agreement & particularly where there is a lot of money changing hands (for example, a house or property purchase contract), it is so important to know exactly what you are signing. We always recommend having a solicitor check over your property contract BEFORE you sign it. It [...]