The Barefoot Investor Says This About Choosing A Conveyancer…

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In his bestselling book “The Barefoot Investor”, Scott Pape says: Make sure you cough up and get good legal advice before you sign anything. An experienced conveyancer is worth their weight in gold (Page 129). Like in most industries, there is no shortage of cut-price Conveyancers seeking to lure clients in with an unmatchable [...]

Building & Pest: 5 Things To Know

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If you are buying residential property in Queensland, and your contract is subject to you completing building and/or pest inspections on the property, here are some things you need to be aware of: You need to organise your inspections promptly. In QLD, ‘time is of the essence’ meaning the deadlines that are in the [...]

Can you change a name on a signed property contract in QLD?

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Short answer…no – only under certain circumstances. When you may be able to amend a name… In QLD once a property contract is fully executed by the buyer/seller and dated, the name of the parties cannot be changed. It may be possible for minor changes be made such as: Correcting misspelled names: Name spelling must be [...]

Why You Should Get Your Contract Checked By A Solicitor

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A contract is a legally binding agreement & particularly where there is a lot of money changing hands (for example, a house or property purchase contract), it is so important to know exactly what you are signing. We always recommend having a solicitor check over your property contract BEFORE you sign it. It [...]

Gold Coast First: Sempre Vero Commence E-Conveyancing

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We are excited to announce that Sempre Vero Lawyers is now subscribed to the national electronic conveyancing settlements system, PEXA and we can complete your conveyance settlement electronically.This has many benefits, including:All settlement funds are disbursed electronically. This means, as a seller you will have cleared funds in your account on the day of settlement and you will [...]

QLD Pool Safety Update – December 2015

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A note for all Queensland property owners with a pool or spa: From 1 December 2015, all Queensland property owners must ensure their swimming pools and spas: Are registered with QBCC (Queensland Building & Construction Commission); Comply with pool safety standards; and Have a current pool safety certificate. Penalties for failing to ensure that your [...]