Julie Falcke

Gold Coast Lawyers Now On Juice 107.3

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Our new radio ad featuring Julie from Sempre Vero Lawyers is now in rotation on Gold Coast’s Juice 107.3 radio station. Make sure you tune in and let us know what you think! In the ad, we focus on the difficulties of family issues and the law, which need to be treated with understanding [...]

What’s in a name? The meaning of Sempre Vero

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"Always true" is an English equivalent of the Italian phrase "sempre vero". Specifically, the adverb "sempre" means "always". The masculine adjective "vero" translates as "actual, genuine, real, true". The pronunciation will be "SEHM-prey VEY-roh" in Italian – via Answers.com. Our founder, Julie Falcke explains the background of our firm’s name: Why was the phrase ‘always true’ selected [...]